Send Crypto Invoices to your clients

Quickly create and manage cryptocurrency invoices. Send crypto-invoices to your clients specifying the agreed exchange rate. Send reminders as the invoice grows older.

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A better way to send money.

Create Crypto invoices straight from your browser

With Bitploy you can create, edit and send crypto invoices online. We will send the invoice to your client for you at no extra cost.

Get paid immediately

With crypto payments you don't need to wait for a payment again. Once your client receives the invoice they will be able to send you crypto instantly. Opt in for the lightning speed of the blockchain.

Manage all of your clients' wallets.

Thanks to our client dashboard, you can manage all of your clients' wallets in a few clicks. Add, modify and remove unused wallets easily. You can also archive wallets that are no longer used in order to keep transaction details.
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Lightning Pay
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Lightning Pay

What is Lightning Pay ?

Say goodbye to processing times, bank delays and bank verification. Lightning Pay enables quick and instant payment across multiple blockchain platforms. Get payed on time with no hassle. It is as easy to pay new clients as it is to pay recurring invoices.

Lightning Pay is an invoice with a call to action. The invoice comes with a neat payment section with a pay button. This allows your client to click on pay and pay directly from their business wallet set up for payment. This allows instant payment upon receiving an invoice.